What Are The Best Snowboards Of 2016

One of the best things about a snowboarder is that he can aptly combine his zest of traveling with his skill of snowboarding. Whether you are in competition or go through a pleasure journey on your snowboard, you can enjoy this snow sport only when you pick the right snowboard. After much research and tests and going through several reviews, here are some of the best snowboards of 2016 that have been giving tremendous performances for all the snowboarders.

Based on the different subcategories, here we are giving a glimpse of some of the best snowboards –

Best Beginner Snowboards

If you are a newbie in the snowboarding arena, you must be acquainted with the facts that at the beginning, you will have pains and aches, you will have blisters, but you will also have a mind-blowing experience in snowboarding. The beginner snowboards are specially made to be predictable and forgiving that will help the new learners to build confidence easily and quickly. While looking for the best beginner snowboards, you may have come across some of the top brands including Arbor Foundation, Burton Blunt, DC Focus, Head Rush, Head Rush and much more. But after reviewing the flat profile of different snowboards, the runaway winner is Burton Clash as the brand is constantly working to make the beginner’s snowboarding experience better than ever. Thanks to its directional shape and slightly tapered tail to produce the power that makes it one of the best beginner snowboards of the year.

Best All-Mountain Snowboards

When you have planning to buy just one board that can do almost everything, then all-mountain snowboard can serve your purposes. Due to its directional shape or flex, you can switch your ride with a sintering base of optimal speeds. After reviewing many all-mountain snowboards, we have got the one that can be sailed high above the lip of halfpipe and turn deftly through pow hoards the next. Thus, Ride Helix is considered as one of the best all-mountain snowboards with its special freestyle features which are neither short on kickers nor rails. However, it offers much more. Undoubtedly, its asymmetric shape will give you an additional advantage on the piste, and you can maintain the proper balance in the powder.

Best Freeride Snowboards

Freeriding is the soul of snowboarding as with this style snowboarding started. In the quest of best freeride snowboards, we reviewed many brands where most of them can be ridden on the piste. However, some perform exceptionally better than others. Among those top notch brands, we have chosen K2 CarveAir as one of the best freeride snowboards of the year as it can give you the ultimate pleasure, be it piste, pow, slush or crud. Compared to conventional boards, it can be shorter, but unless you are in the serious steeps, it gives you all those stability that you need for deeper snow.

Best Freestyle Snowboards

Among different types of snowboards, freestyle or park boards never go out of fashion. In this year, we are gifted with some real classics freestyle snowboards including Salomon Sabotage, Ride Buckwild, K2 World Wide Weapon, Bataleon Disaster and CAPiTA Ultrafear where the winner is CAPiTA Ultrafear that can stand out in the crowd. The best freestyle snowboards can be turned into any profile, although it performs best on the rails and boxes. Due to its Kevlar-boosted construction and sintered base, it is stable and fast enough for the bigger jumps.



There is a long time controversy between kiteboarding vs. snowboarding. Some people think that snowboarding is much easier to learn than kiteboarding, while some think it is hard to stand on snow. However, We suggest all adventure lovers should try out kiteboarding in the Summer while snowboarding in the Winter. Let’s get the fun of both these sports to the fullest.

Awesome Kiteboarding Experience in Summer

Summer and Spring are the ideal time to practice kiteboarding at its best. Of course, you can do it in winter, but since the wind is gusty and irregular to come at random times, you cannot trust on it for kiteboarding in winter as all of us know that the wind is one of the key factors for this water sport. Hence, nothing can beat the dependability of summer sea breezes for kiteboarding.

Of course, there are other reasons too that make summer as the perfect time for your kiteboarding venture. You cannot deny the power of anticipation. During this pleasurable season, you remain already charged both emotionally and physically when your mind is craving to taste the vast blue ocean and fresh, clean wind. In fact, the season itself is very fertile with lots of potentialities.

So, what are planning to do in this summer? Just ‘have some fun’ like previous summers? Then, this article is not for you. If you are in search of more fun, let’s do it with the thrilling kiteboarding adventure on the water surface.

Once you learn the smaller kites, using the bigger kites at their best potentials, the rigging, the terms and how to stand up on the kiteboards, you will be automatically turned on without any fail.

If you find the medium length waves are not so bigger and you wish to ride on bigger waves, do roles and floaters, summer is the best time to pack your bag and travel to the places where these waves are bigger. Find out which are the best kiteboarding places, arrange a crew together and then head toward that place.

Lifetime Snowboarding Experience in Winter

After spending the funny summer days on the kiteboards, could you bear a monotonous and unadventurous winter? Well, the board games never disappoint you with their wide assortments of options. One of them is the thrilling snowboarding that a large number of people find easier to stand on snow while balancing on the best beginner snowboards. In fact, you don’t have to depend on the wind for driving on a board across the snow.

Another best thing about snowboarding is that your arena is not restricted to the mountains and lifts. Wherever you will get snow covered terrain, get ready to start with the best snowboards.

As soon as the winter arrives earlier in North America, Canada, and Northern Europe, the snowboarders have been out to explore on the best all-mountain snowboards. You can snowboard anywhere where there is snow, wind, space and field and if you live in an area terrains covered with the snow, you are lucky enough to get the good snowboarding surface. In fact, these are the ideal place to practice with the best freestyle snowboards or best freeride snowboards.